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The most efficient solution to create or renew your PSL with only accredited umbrella companies

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Have you ever scanned the Umbrella Company industry to make sure the ones you engage with:

  • understand your industry?
  • are compliant?
  • provide the right service to your contractors?

Now you can!

The first solution to find right Umbrella partners

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Complete our 5-minute questionnaire then we take it from there.

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We anonymise and share your request with 60+ accredited umbrella companies. They will come back with tailored offers.

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After 7 working days, review all tailored offers and shortlist the Umbrellas you would like to meet.

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Our team will take care of booking a 30-minute meeting with the umbrella companies you shortlisted.

Optimised Process

The most time efficient solution

What do you do? Complete a 5-minute form.
What do we do? Everything else.

Anonymous Process

Open prospection without the harassment downside

We provide umbrella companies with enough information to come back to you with a tailored offer without disclosing the name of your agency.

Quantitative Process

Easy Market Access

Reach out to the largest umbrella company network across accreditations. Your anonymous request will be shared with over 60 accredited umbrella companies.

Qualitative Process

Keep your business safe

Only receive offers from currently accredited umbrella companies - we check all accreditations every 24h.

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