Get the Best Protection against liabilities arising from your Supply Chain

Ensure the protection of your business and entire supply chain by combining advanced AI technology and specialised legal advice from a regulated law firm.

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Protect your business from the Criminal Finances Act 2017

As an end-hirer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the organisations in your supply chain comply with laws and that you have reasonable measures to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. If you fail to fulfil this duty, you may face criminal prosecution, unlimited fines, and damage to your reputation. SafeRec and WTT offer the most effective and efficient automated processes to protect your business like never before.

Ensure you have no liabilities under Intermediary Legislation

As an end-hirer, it can be challenging to ensure that "inside IR35" status determinations are being respected for all of your workers. With SafeRec's real-time audit reports, you can see that every payment is processed through PAYE, which meets all relevant regulations for all workers inside IR35.

Increase your brand awareness by protecting your temporary workers

SafeRec offers numerous benefits for both businesses and temporary workers. Not only does it help ensure compliance and protect end-hirers, but it also provides temporary workers with an audit report sent by email after each payment. It ensures that the correct amount of tax has been paid and your workers receive the pay they are entitled to.

Transparency with a big "T"

Are you fully aware of the actions taken by organisations that check the compliance of your supply chain and how they operate? At SafeRec, we believe in transparency and want to ensure that every party in the supply chain has access to our audit reports and the ability to review the methods and results of our audits. We couldn't be more transparent even if we wanted to.

From "Sometimes" to "Real-Time" audits

We have seen over the past 10 years all the issues arising from yearly or even quarterly retrospective audits without external verification. What sets SafeRec apart is that we are the only solution that audits your supply chain in real-time while cross-referencing each audit both with workers' and your data.

From specialised legal advice to high-end technology

SafeRec has a strategic partnership with the law firm WTT Legal. The great thing about working with a law firm is that they are regulated and, therefore, cannot turn a blind eye on any illegal activity. When your organisation decides to use SafeRec in your supply chain, you also benefit from tailored legal advice to undertake a risk assessment, create a tailored criminal finances act policy and more.

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