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With SafeRec's suite of products, you can transform potential tax liability issues with Umbrella Companies in your Preferred Supplier List into sales opportunities. Grow your client and candidates by providing complete peace of mind.

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Supercharge Your Business's Protection with Our Efficient Solutions

SafeRec's compliance management software offers the most efficient way to manage your requirements, as recommended by HMRC, to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. Our software allows you to access and track all payroll compliance aspects in a central location, saving you time and effort.

Maximise Your Sales Potential with SafeRec's Compliance Products

SafeRec provides your organisation with a comprehensive and integrated solution that allows you to demonstrate compliance to your clients and candidates. Our solution consists of five parts that have left all other options in the market behind by a decade:

1. Risk Assessment and Tailored Criminal Finances Act Policy

At SafeRec, we understand the importance of protecting your business against the Criminal Finances Act. That's why we commissioned a regulated law firm to conduct a thorough risk assessment of your entire Preferred Supplier List. They then work with your agency to establish a tailored Criminal Finances Act Policy based on their findings as recommended by HMRC.

2. Comprehensive Umbrella Due Diligence that can be Shared

At SafeRec, we believe in the importance of thorough due diligence in protecting our clients. That's why we conduct umbrella due diligence on each provider in your supply chain to establish a strong foundation for risk management. Our umbrella due diligence report is designed to be shared with prospective clients for total transparency.

3. Real-Time Audit Reporting for Supply Chain Transparency

SafeRec understands the importance of transparent and accurate payroll for temporary workers. That's why we offer real-time auditing of every payslip received by each worker. Your organisation will receive a copy of the payslip audit report. With SafeRec, you also have the ability to receive and create monthly audit reports for complete transparency.

4. Send compliant Key Information Documents within seconds

SafeRec's platform makes it easy for your team to comply with the conduct regulation. Our built-in Universal Salary Calculator allows you to quickly and accurately create and email Key Information Documents to your workers in just a few seconds. With SafeRec, compliance is effortless.

Warning Message:
If your agency is unfamiliar with Key Information Documents, it is likely that you are not compliant with the conduct regulations asking agencies (not umbrellas!) to send Key Information Documents. Book a demo today to learn more.

5. Umbrella Watchdog: give a fair choice to your workers

SafeRec's platform allows you to create a custom umbrella company comparator that is self-monitored and only displays the providers you trust. This feature allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your umbrella companies and demonstrate to your clients that you are committed to transparency and responsible business practices.

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