Prove to your clients and workers you walk the compliance talk!

SafeRec's ongoing, real-time auditing, in combination with reviews by a regulated law firm, offers a powerful solution for your umbrella company to prove its commitment to compliance and ethical business practices to both clients and umbrella workers. With this combination of services, you can demonstrate your dedication to upholding all relevant laws and regulations.

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Protect your Agencies, MSPs and End-Clients

We believe that payroll compliance means you should always consider how to protect your clients from current legislation. Simply being a member of a professional organisation is not sufficient. We are here to help you prove compliance and protect your clients by providing real-time auditing reports that can be kept on file in case of an HMRC investigation. This ensures that any of your clients is fully prepared to demonstrate its commitment to compliance.

Continuous Review of Financial, Payroll, and Operational Compliance

SafeRec, in partnership with WTT Legal, offers a comprehensive review of all aspects of your umbrella company. This includes an initial operational audit, during which WTT Legal evaluates how your organisation assesses compliance with laws and regulations, as well as ongoing, real-time auditing of all payslips received by your workers. With this complete review, you can share reports with your clients and candidates, proving your umbrella company is fully compliant and operating ethically.

Cross Reference with HMRC Tax Account

At SafeRec, we understand that compliance involves more than just auditing payslips. That's why we also cross-reference the audited payslips with your umbrella company's HMRC tax account to ensure that taxes have been paid and there are no outstanding liabilities for your clients. This added level of protection helps you demonstrate your commitment to compliance and ethical business practices.

Proving Compliance Through Full Transparency

At SafeRec, we believe that transparency is the key for your Umbrella to building long trusting relationships. That's why we have designed a process that makes all audit reports on your umbrella company easily accessible to your clients. We are confident in the quality of our work and are not afraid to be reviewed by anyone. This level of transparency is crucial for proving compliance and earning the trust of both your candidates and clients.

Select a Payroll Software with SafeRec Integration

Our payroll software partners prioritise compliance above all else. They have even gone the extra mile to create an API that enables their Umbrella Companies to easily demonstrate compliance. When choosing a payroll software partner, it is important to consider one that takes compliance seriously.

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