Deep Umbrella Due Diligence for Agencies

Ensure the protection of your business with comprehensive Due Diligence on your Umbrella Companies. Our team of experts will conduct ongoing assessments of your supply chain to set the foundation for a robust protection of your business.

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For you… on your behalf

Unlike other options on the market, we conduct due diligence on your umbrella companies on your behalf rather than on behalf of the umbrella companies themselves. HMRC emphasises the importance of having reasonable processes in place to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. The only things that protect your organisation are the processes and procedures your agency has in place to prevent tax evasion.

Protect your business with our Umbrella Due Diligence Report

Our service includes a review of standard employment contracts, payslip audits, terms and conditions with your agency, and cross-referencing data through external verification. Our interactive report makes it easy to access any documents in your umbrella due diligence report.

Access insight you won't get anywhere else

SafeRec is the go-to source for in-depth analysis of payroll software and Umbrella PAYE processes. We have the expertise to verify which payroll software your Umbrellas use and whether it has been designed to handle Umbrella PAYE. Additionally, our process includes thorough reviews of company information, contracts of employment, terms and conditions, payslip audits and more.

Fully Transparent

At Saferec, we prioritise full transparency in all of our solutions, which is no different with our Umbrella Due Diligence process. Your organisation will have the ability to review and track the progress of each assessment, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process and the work being done.

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