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Easily create compliant Key Information Documents for any engagement type in seconds, including Agency PAYE, Umbrella PAYE, CIS, and PSC (inside and outside IR35). Complying with the Conduct Regulation Part 13A has never been easier.

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Benefit from SafeRec's built-in universal salary calculator

Our KID Generator is a unique tool that allows you to easily calculate deductions and take-home pay for any type of employment. Whether you are using it for your Agency PAYE workers or for your Umbrella Company, the SafeRec KID Generator has you covered to show accurate pay examples as required in the conduct regulation.

Easier, Faster and more compliant than your current system

Bold statement? Yes, and we can back it up! Our user-friendly interface helps you generate tailored Key Information Documents in just a few seconds. It will ensure your businesses remain compliant with this part of the conduct regulation. One way to be sure is to start your free trial today!

Tailor KIDs to your Agency

Our Key Information Document generator allows you to brand the email sent to workers with your logo and send all KIDs from the email address of your choice (e.g. Take advantage of a customisable solution that removes all pain points to comply with the KID part of the conduct regulation.

Prevent mistakes with a powerful intelligent tech

SafeRec KID Generator is designed to generate only Compliant Key Information Documents. For example, if you try to generate a KID with a rate of £20/day instead of £20/hour, SafeRec blocks the generation and asks you to modify what you have entered. Being compliant has never been easier.

Be ready for audits and reviews

SafeRec allows you to easily and securely BCC the email of your choice in all Key Information Documents (KIDs) sent to your candidates. This feature helps ensure that you can easily demonstrate compliance with requirements in the event of an audit. By using SafeRec, you can easily prove that KIDs are being consistently sent to all of your workers.

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