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In April 2020 the government introduced a new regulation:
Recruitment Agencies are now responsible for sending Key Information Documents (KID) to their candidates.
While KIDs help bring more transparency, it also leaves recruitment agencies with
no solution to efficiently meet the new compliance standards...
Until now!

Email all your KIDs automagically within seconds

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Enter your candidate's details

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Enter pay rate & select all your Payroll Solutions
PAYE • CIS • PSC • Umbrella

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Select all umbrella companies in your PSL

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Click on Generate
It will immediately send all KIDs by email

Fast & Intuitive

Neat user experience

Our tool is easy to use and can be used by anyone in your organisation to fit your processes and structure.

Only a few seconds are needed to generate KIDs for all the payroll solutions you offer.


More compliant with AI

Our powerful AI is set to be nothing other than compliant: Minimum National Wage alert, Pension Enrolment rates limits, etc... Make sure you provide your candidates with only compliant KIDs.


Involve your suppliers to the process

Work seamlessly with all your partners. Communicate and receive updates from intermediaries such as umbrella companies through our platform.

If an update is needed, send a new KID in just one click.

Audit Ready

Everything in one place

Be ready for your next audit: generate, send, manage and keep a record of Key Information Documents for all your candidates in one place.

Providing KIDs for audits will require almost no time and will not affect your bussiness operations anymore!


Illustrations for any employment type


Any and as many umbrella companies as you want


All KIDs in one click

Cover it all

Blind person allowance, salary sacrifice, student loans and much more

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