Monitor your Umbrella PSL like never before

With Umbrella Watchdog, your organisation can create a custom and self-monitored umbrella company comparator that only displays the providers you trust. It enables you to effectively and efficiently manage and compare the performance of your trusted umbrella companies.

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Customise your Comparator

With our custom URL link feature, you can create exclusive access to the umbrella companies you trust to process payroll. Umbrella Watchdog lets you transparently show your workers the margin charged by each umbrella company, enabling them to make informed decisions about which provider to use.

Create a level playing field between your Umbrella Companies

Saferec is committed to promoting fairness among Umbrella PSLs. That's why the order of Umbrella Companies is randomly shuffled for each worker and refreshed each time the page is visited. By randomising the order, Umbrella Watchdog ensures that all Umbrella Companies have an equal opportunity to be seen, and your agency does not enforce any of them.

Help your candidates make the best decision

Our innovative filters make it easy for your candidates to choose the umbrella company that meets their specific requirements. Let Umbrella Watchdog help your workers navigate the process and make the right choice for their situation.

Monitor Umbrella Company Stamps every 24h

Did you know that in 2021, 19.2% of Accredited Umbrella Companies lost their accreditation without agencies and workers knowing about it? That's where SafeRec comes in if you still use Umbrella Company Accreditations. We monitor the status of Umbrella Companies every 24 hours and immediately notify you if any of your Umbrella Companies lose their accreditations.

Transparent and Ethical

SafeRec is dedicated to providing top-quality service to our clients, which is why we never charge for the referrals sent to Umbrella Companies. When a candidate clicks on "Request a call back" or "Apply" for an Umbrella Company, their details are automatically sent to the email address provided by the Umbrella, with no hidden fees or strings attached.

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