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Welcome to the world of Safe Umbrella Companies, where transparency, compliance and real-time auditing are our guiding principles.
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Compliance and Ethics in SafeRec Certified Umbrellas

The SafeRec Certification has been designed for all people and businesses that engage with Umbrella Companies and where ethical practices and compliance are transparently demonstrated to them.

We built our Umbrella Company Certification around 3 key principles:

  • Umbrella Audit in Real Time
  • Umbrella Audit at Source
  • Total Transparency

Real-Time Auditing: The Future of Umbrella Compliance

Real-time auditing is continuous auditing of umbrella companies as payroll is processed.

Thanks to payroll software partners such as Octopaye and JA and the API integration they built, Saferec is able to audit Umbrella Companies in Real-Time all year long on each processed payroll. Only fully compliant, ethical and transparent companies embrace this level of scrutiny.

Audit at Source - Upholding Compliance

SafeRec has pioneered "Audit at Source", a revolutionary system where audited documents are obtained directly from the Umbrella Company's payroll software through API integrations.

Audit at Source ensure that audited documents are received before they can be altered or doctored by the company that processed payroll. It is the only way to ensure maximum accuracy and integrity in the auditing process.

Total Transparency - We don't tell we prove

SafeRec sets itself apart through absolute transparency, offering recruitment agencies, clients and workers the audit results of what has been audited.

This principle reflects our dedication to restoring trust in the industry. We ask Umbrella Companies to be transparent, and we held ourselves accountable to the same standard regarding our audit processes, methodologies, and results.

Cross Reference with RTI sent to HMRC

SafeRec ensures compliance and protects workers and recruitment agencies by cross-referencing real-time audits with HMRC's Real-Time Information (RTI). This verification process ensures accurate tax payments and upholds regulatory standards in the UK recruitment industry. By diligently comparing audits and RTI data, we maintain transparency, safeguard financial interests, and promote a fair environment for all stakeholders.

Operational Compliance via a regulated law firm

Crafting a ground-breaking solution necessitates strategic alliances with organisations that are as fervent as you are about enacting change and embodying your vision! This is the exact sort of company that WTT has been for SafeRec!

As a Regulated Law Firm specialised in the recruitment industry, WTT Legal is responsible for reviewing the Umbrellas':

  • Contracts
  • Processes
  • Policies

Peace of mind for Recruitment Agencies

SafeRec provides all Recruitment Agencies that use SafeRec Certified Umbrella Companies Audit Reports that:

  • Provides Detailed Audit Results: To gain insights into all audits that have been conducted and cross-referenced with RTIs sent to HMRC.
  • Show Employment/Engagement Methods: Understand how your workers are employed/engaged, whether it's through Umbrella PAYE, CIS, PEO, etc.
  • Demonstrates Tax Liability-Free Supply Chain: Show proof to your end clients that there are no tax liabilities within your supply chain, strengthening your business relationships.
  • Protection against the CFA 2017: Maintain a record of your reasonable processes to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion, reinforcing your commitment to compliance.
  • Streamlines Risk Management: By eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming periodic snapshots, our Audit Reports provide ongoing risk reduction.

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