Prove compliance to your supply chain with payslip audits

The first automated solution that verifies how your umbrella companies process your agency worker's pay.
Use umbrella compliance as a unique selling point when speaking to clients and candidates.

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It is time to bring back trust between all actors in the contracting supply chain: end clients / hirers, vendors, recruitment agencies, contractors and umbrella companies.

We developed the first automated solution that powers recruitment agencies or any other actors of the supply chain to fulfil their important and complicated tax avoidance mission by guaranteeing them, their contractors and all their supply chain, that umbrella pays have been processed in line with HMRC guidelines.

A seamless process which takes no time

Illustration step Step 1

Step 1

Select candidates to offer audit

Illustration step Step 2

Step 2

Drag and drop the payslip

Illustration step Step 3

Step 3

The payslip and tax amount received are audited


The first true tax evasion proof solution

The combination of our three 3 unique checks will bring the guarantee the pay has been processed correctly.

  • We fully audit the payslip
    Accuracy of every calculation on the payslip is checked.
  • We cross-reference with the assignment rate
    Ensure that the full assignment rate is converted to pay.
  • We anonymously cross-reference with HMRC
    Ensure that the right amount of NIC and Income tax has been paid.
Time Efficient & Reliable

Fully automated

We automatised the solution from top to bottom to create a true worry-free solution.

From the payslip check to the automated follow-up emails, we focus on protecting your business and your contractors as well as saving you as much time as possible.

End to End Audit

Undercover audit

Because the payslip audit is between the agency and the contractor, the umbrella company is not the one providing the document that will be reviewed.

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