Jun 12, 2023

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Charlotte Lostak

Job Title:

Charlotte Lostak
Quality and Compliance Manager
TTM Healthcare
Recruitment Agency

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TTM Healthcare Solutions are specialists in healthcare talent management and healthcare process outsourcing. We serve the public, private and voluntary sectors, across the UK and Ireland, sending 3,000 healthcare professionals to work in flexible frontline and support service roles every week and placing 3,500 permanent roles annually. We cover all grades and specialties, from doctors to healthcare assistants. 20 years of deep sectoral knowledge recruiting across a wide variety of healthcare professions and environments, enables us to understand the challenges our clients face beyond talent management.

We specialise in Healthcare Workforce Solutions - traditional and project-based recruitment services for short-term, contract and permanent talent; International Workforce Solutions- acting as a gateway to a wealth of talent from abroad for our partner's needs; and Healthcare Process Outsourcing (HPO), which works with and supports our partners' internal processes and teams.

How important Payroll Compliance is to you?

Payroll Compliance is extremely important to us here at TTM Healthcare Solutions and everyone understands how essential it is that we get it right.

We want to safeguard our candidates as best as we possibly can against HMRC investigations or tax bills, and by using SafeRec we feel that we are in the best position possible to do this.

We undergo regular audits from the frameworks that we supply in to, and part of these audits are to check our payroll compliance. We want to make sure that we are passing these audits and improving our processes, and SafeRec helps us to do this.

What sold you on working with SafeRec?

We decided to sign up with SafeRec as they offered an easy and fast solution to some of our Payroll and Umbrella concerns. Their AI is so straightforward and simple to use that we knew we could begin using it almost straight away; Seb was there to train us and was always on hand for advice. This was a great selling point for us as we knew his knowledge was invaluable.

We knew that using SafeRec would guarantee compliance throughout our supply chains and allow us to audit them without fuss. Most importantly SafeRec would save us time and money, which for us was a no-brainer!

What changed/improved since you used SafeRec?

Since we began using SafeRec we have been able to streamline our PSL to guarantee we are only using compliant umbrella companies and ensure we are offering our candidates the best service possible. We can now show our candidates our PSL via a unique link generated by SafeRec and this gives a great comparison between the Umbrella Companies we use and allows our candidates to be armed with all required information before making their decision.

Thanks to the Payslip Audit function, we can now also guarantee Umbrella Compliance to our entire supply chain. The whole process is very quick and easy to use and ensures transparency with the Umbrella Companies we are using.

What would you tell someone who's considering using SafeRec?

I would say don't hesitate and go for it! Signing up with SafeRec is money well spent and ensures peace of mind for the whole supply chain. The payslip audits are so easy to do and offer real peace of mind for us, our candidates, and our end clients.

We have felt very supported by the team and feel there is always someone on hand to speak to. SafeRec truly understand our business, but also the importance of Payroll Compliance. A product like this has been long overdue and we are so pleased to be working with SafeRec.

Is there anything else you'd like candidates and end-clients to know about your partnership with SafeRec?

Above all else, you'll be working with some very knowledgeable and witty individuals who are always available to support and guide you. Seb has been a fantastic help to us and never gets bored of us asking the same questions a thousand times!